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HUMANHOOD is not responsible for any irresponsible use of the information shared or personal damage during the physical applications of the movement quality. 

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HUMANHOOD Dancers Training Program

Training the Next Generation of Movers.

HUMANHOOD Dancer’s Training Program is a 3 months intensive online experience for professional and vocational dancers as well as movement practitioners who are looking to dive deeper into their movement expression through the practice and philosophy of HUMANHOOD. This program is designed by Rudi and Julia to specifically support dancers in becoming empowered and confident in both their body and artistic expression. 

During this program, participants will be guided by Rudi and Julia as well as the company dancers through both physical application and theoretical understanding of HUMANHOOD’s movement quality, receiving personal feedback and individual support. Sessions will include in-depth exploration of HUMANHOOD’s movement style, energetic practices and repertoire of the company. Theoretical documents will be shared in order to allow participants to grasp the philosophy and thought process behind the movement application. 

This program is also ideal for those individuals who are looking to embody HUMANHOOD’s movement quality in order to potentially join the company in the future. 


Fee: £800

There will be 2 groups during this program:

> Group 1: Sessions with the company dancers every Saturday. 

> Group 2: Sessions with the company dancers every Sunday. 

> All sessions with Rudi & Julia will be on Sundays. 


How will the personal feedback be shared?
> Rudi will be following up the development of each individual throughout the process and will provide on-going feedback during the Sunday sessions with him, after the embodied practice. This feedback will focus on the physical and anatomical application of the movement quality.
> Julia will provide individual feedback on the last session of the program. This feedback will be based on the energetic and mindset application of the individual.

With Rudi having a sharp eye for anatomical application of the movement and Julia an innate intuition for the holistic expression of the individual, you will receive very specific and mind-opening advice to accelerate your development as a mover and creative. 

This personal feedback is one of the most valuable gains the dancers of the company receive by working closely with Julia and Rudi. It allows them to not only exponentially grow as movers but also as people, always stepping into the unknown beyond their comfort zone. 

HUMANHOOD Dancers Training Program offers this unique relationship and holistic development with Rudi and Julia to truly connect with your movement practice and awaken the potential within your physicality.  

Sessions are scheduled as following: 

  • SESSION 1  >  (group 1 and 2) with Julia & Rudi  >>> 3h >>> SUNDAY 3rd July 
  • SESSION 2 > (group 1) with Company Dancers >> 1h30min >>> 9th July
  • SESSION 2 > (group 2) with Company Dancers >> 1h30min >>> 10th July
  • SESSION 3 > (group 1) with Company Dancers >> 1h30min >>> 16th July
  • SESSION 3 >  (group 2) with Company Dancers >> 1h30min >>> 17th July

  • SESSION 4 > (group 1 & 2 together) with Rudi >> 2h >> SUNDAY 24th July
  • SESSION 5 > (group 1) with Company Dancers >> 1h30min >>> 30th July
  • SESSION 5 >  (group 2) with Company Dancers >> 1h30min >>> 31st July 
  • SESSION 6 > (group 1) with Company Dancers >> 1h30min >>> 6th August
  • SESSION 6 > (group 2) with Company Dancers >> 1h30min >>> 7th August

  • SESSION 7 > (group 1 & 2 together) with Rudi  >>> 2h >> SUNDAY 14th August
  • SESSION 8 > (group 1) with Company Dancers >> 1h30min >>> 20th August
  • SESSION 8 > (group 2) with Company Dancers >> 1h30min >>> 21st August
  • SESSION 9 > (group 1) with Company Dancers >> 1h30min >>> 27th August
  • SESSION 9 > (group 2) with Company Dancers >. 28th August

  • SESSION 10 > (groups 1 & 2 together) with Rudi >>  2h >> SUNDAY 4th September  
  • SESSION 11 > (group 1) with Company Dancers >> 1h30min >>> 10th September
  • SESSION 11 > (group 2) with Company Dancers >> 1h30min >>> 11th September

  • SESSION 12 > (group1 & 2 together)  Body Electric with Julia and final Session with Rudi & Julia (3h)  >>> SUNDAY 18th September

All online sessions will be recorded and available for participants for the whole duration of the program and up to 1 month after the ending date.